Johnny Cook (March 22, 1949 - May 14, 2000)


Johnny Cook had a long and illustrious career as a tenor singer. He sang with some of the biggest names in Southern Gospel, including the Florida Boys and the Statesmen. He also had his own group called the Johnny Cook Trio in the 1980s. Johnny is best remembered for his years singing with the Happy Goodmans where he and Vestal Goodman would often engage in friendly contests to see who could sing higher. Johnny usually won.

Johnny Cook passed away in 2000 from kidney failure.


Singing News Fan Awards:
Favorite Tenor (1974, 1975)

Solo Discography


1973 Voice Extraordinaire (Harvest Records/HAR-1022-LPS): Iíve Got Faith, Life Is Worth Living, Iím Going On Home, Calvary Isnít Just Another Hill, A Glimpse Of Heaven, Oh My Heart Is Still Rejoicing, While Iím Here, A Good Year For Jesus, Until Youíve Known, Where The Roses Never Fade.

1974 The Voice (Harvest Records/HAR-1100-LPS): Dawn Of This New Morning; He Is Love; This Side Of The River; King Of Kings; He Never Said A Word; Sweet, Sweet Spirit; On My Way To Canaan Land; His Never Dying Love; First John; It Wouldn't Be Enough.

1976 The Voice (Pyramid Records/PLP-1815): I'm On My Way To Canaan Land; King Of Kings To Me; You've Never Really Lived; Amazing Grace; Keep Me True; My Tribute; The Dawn Of This New Morning; Oh What A Savior; Sweet Sweet Spirit; He Never Said A Word.

1976 Real Goodness (Calvary Records/STAV-5131): From The Cross (I Will Find My Way Home); On The Other Side Of My Valley; That's Worth Everything; He Promised To Hold To My Hand; At The Cross; Here They Come; Jesus; That Sounds Like Home To Me; House Of Gold; A Day Like Any Day.

???? The Voices Triumphant (Custom Records): Whatever It Takes; One Way Flight; In The Garden; Take Me In The Lifeboat; Ainít No Grave (Gonna Hold This Body Down); Through The Blood; Shout And Shine; Looking For A City; Iíd Rather Have Jesus; Medley: He Set Me Free/I Saw The Light.

Songwriter's Rťsumť

On The Other Side Of My Valley

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